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ft tutor

  1. R

    Please Help.

    I am helping my 13 year old son build a FliteTest tutor. The build went fine, but we are having trouble getting the electronics to work properly. We have a Spektrum AR620 receiver and a DXS transmitter. The tail flaps and rudder are working fine, but the motor will not turn. We have checked to...
  2. Incader

    Help! What Paint theme should I go for on the FT Tutor?

    I was thinking about a yellow lightning bolt Cub style with a white body? Or maybe even stars and bars?
  3. Acebandit123

    3 channel to 4 channel

    Hello all so I'm somewhat relatively new to the hobby, love building plans but have only successfully flown a mini trainer. I just got the new tutor and was wondering if anyone has made it so that you could flip a switch and go from a three channel to four channel flight mode. Kind of similar to...