1. T

    Help! Ft goblin don't fly

    Hi I have built an Ft goblin from 7mm vector board and its just hit the ground nose first the cg was on the marked spot, I was using a 3d printed 5x4 3 bladed prop and an 1400kv motor with 3s li-ion battery-s
  2. kilroy07

    Part FT Goblin Nose Brace 2

    After losing my third nose, I'd had enough. This works like a charm! I glued mine in place using wood/gorilla glue BEFORE the wings were mated to the fuselage. Should print solid with 2 walls selected in your slicer (ADD Supports!) Let us know how it worked for you! Check out the video, I...
  3. fliteadmin

    Plane FT Goblin Plans 1.0

    FT Goblin The FT Goblin was born from a collaboration between FliteTest and ReadyMade RC to create a foamboard version of their STRIX Goblin, a high-performance FPV plane. This plane fills the gap between the STRIX Goblin and the Nano Goblin in both size and speed, as it is scaled to fly off...