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    RC Plane 3 - FREE iOs / Android / Windows / OSX

    Hi all, I'm one of the developers of RC Plane 3 and I'm writing to let you know that latest version of RC Plane 3 is now available on Steam with Windows and OS X support. We have greatly improved the game since its first release, improved physics, added a new scenario, completely redone the...
  2. T

    Name That Plane!

    Here's the game: Get 5-6 planes/quads/parachuts setup to fly with FPV gear. Have a couple FliteTest "experts" don FPV goggles. Hand them a tranitter and see if they can "Name that Plane" by flying it. Go through all the planes and see who gets the most.
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    Make an airplane controlled with a PS3 remote

    I just started watching your youtube videos, and I never thought I would enjoy watching them as much as I do. I have a feeling that you guys like to do "Different", and though I have seen military drones being controlled by video game console remotes before, I would like to see you guys try. And...