RC Plane 3 - FREE iOs / Android / Windows / OSX


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Hi all,
I'm one of the developers of RC Plane 3 and I'm writing to let you know that latest version of RC Plane 3 is now available on Steam with Windows and OS X support.

We have greatly improved the game since its first release, improved physics, added a new scenario, completely redone the GUI, introduced new planes and game modes and improved performances.

RC Plane 3 is free with a lot of content available without spending a penny, so that you can decide if worthy of further investment.
Thanks to a custom online account system all your progress and purchases (you can purchase new planes, game modes and scenarios in-game) will follow you on all your devices.

All scenarios are fully 3d with wind and thermal currents simulation, a full day/night cycle and many hidden things to discover in game. Additionally to many different planes, game has multicopters and water planes as well as a selectable "arcade" physics mode for extreme beginners.
4 camera modes should help with training, with 2 types of ground camera (a fixed one and another one following the plane from the ground), FPV with configurable field of view and a more "gamish" third person follow camera.
Crossplatform multiplayer free flight and dogfights available for free too.

Here 2 fast videos we made a few months ago when we launched the game on Steam greenlight, they should give a rough idea of the game.

We are very open to suggestions and committed to continue improving the game so would love to start a dialogue with this great community, we love RC vehicles in real life and developed this game series to help new fliers, exercise and test risky or impossibile challenges in real life and more generally to bring more people in to this great hobby.

Most USB controllers should be supported, but we don't have many different one available, so let us know if you encounter any problems with a specific one.

Links to the various versions :

Great thanks in advance for any feedback.