giant scale foamy

  1. FoamyDM

    Large Combat-Plane Design Challenge

    THE CHALLENGE: Build a giant scale RC airplane with protected props with a sole purpose of being a Combat Targe at FF'23. With a maiden flight test posted by the End of October '22 (as declare by phone October 5th) on our Youtubes, and shared here. The International Miniature Aircraft...
  2. J

    FT Tiny Trainer giant build suggestion

    It is time of the giants! Can you please build and craft and episode based around a GIANT FT Tiny Trainer. I've always loved the look of tiny trainer with the longer wings, it's flight characteristics and the presence it has in the air. So scaled version must be better. It's just math right...
  3. 1548173_10202115016270141_7487661203264505842_o.jpg


  4. dmedlock4rc

    Review The Hacker Super Zoom XXL

    This giant scale 3d foamy has a wingspan the length of a grown man and runs off of a 2400 mah 3 cell. Take a look at this link, Josh Bixler, and tell me this isn't awesome: You HAVE to fly this thing on Flitetest...