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giant scale

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  3. Z

    GIANT R/C Scratch Build Based on C-133

    This video is a year in the making - local Marymoor R/C Club members Bryan, Hailin, and Ian came up with the idea of making an extremely light for its size C-133 based aircraft after visiting Oshkosh in 2019. Soon thereafter, their newspaper build plans turned into a full on massive project, and...
  4. P

    Scratch Built Giant Super Sportster Idea

    I really want a giant super sportster, but being a fourteen year old who can't get a job I can't afford it. I have a regular sized nitro airplane similar to the sportster, but i want a BIG one! Since I can't afford the Great Planes ARF model I'm going to design one to be built using dollar tree...
  5. Triple Ace 2142

    Giant Scale YB-35

    Ok so here is the build thread for my giant scale YB-35. So far I've gotten most of the materials together and the plans printed out. First I plan to build a smaller scale version around 1/32 to test the airfoils, balance and control systems. The larger scale version will be 1/18 scale (around...
  6. S


    Hello There! This is my FIRST POST EVER and I am usually a secrete post reader and I am on this forum everyday. I am a test pilot and electrical system coordinator for diesel and turbine motor drones. I also fly rc planes and AP quads and a lot of FT planes. ANYWAY. I just came across a...
  7. JetManHuss

    VSKYLABS 'Scratch-Built RC Legends' 2015 for Mac, Windows, Linux

    A complete, professional, radio controlled package for X-Plane 10. (Mac, Linux, Windows compatible) Mission is to be a professional and a best choice R/C simulation for giant scale R/C pilots, by bringing professional RC simulation running on the most advanced flight simulation software...
  8. wingspan100

    OFFICIAL AirShowRC.com Video Collection Thread

    Over time, I will be adding videos to this thread. These flying videos can also be seen on our YouTube channel.