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graupner mz-12

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    Quick tip... Getting Vortex 150 properly setup w/ Graupner MZ-12/KDS Kylin goggles

    Recently purchased a Vortex 150 KDS Kylin goggles. I'm not entirely certain it's binding properly to my Tx. But it does show up on the OSD in the goggles, telling me to Center all controls. I cannot get it past this point no matter what I do. When i changed out the plugs, I did plug the V150...
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    Graupner MZ-12 Bind/Unbind? Problem!

    Hello, I am building the Versacopter v2 using the Graupner MZ-12 combo with the GR-12L. I am aware that they came factory bound but this being my first quad build i was eventually going to run into problems. As i was going through the RF settings i scrolled down to "RX bind" and pressed the...
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    Graupner MZ-12

    I think I reprogrammed my throttle hold S1 switch. How do I reprogram it back to throttle hold? Also, if I wanted to program a switch to control lights on my quad, how would I do that on MZ-12? I have a Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch already installed. Thank you for your time.
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    Graupner MZ-12 transmitter and two recievers

    Hello everyone, I have a graupner mz-12 transmitter and two receivers for sale. All are in perfect working condition, only used a few times. The reason I'm selling is I'm looking at going with a different transmitter system. I'm asking $170 shipped. Paypal is a preferred form of payment. I will...