Quick tip... Getting Vortex 150 properly setup w/ Graupner MZ-12/KDS Kylin goggles


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Recently purchased a Vortex 150 KDS Kylin goggles. I'm not entirely certain it's binding properly to my Tx. But it does show up on the OSD in the goggles, telling me to Center all controls.

I cannot get it past this point no matter what I do.

When i changed out the plugs, I did plug the V150 to my laptop and hooked it up to Vortex Pro configurator and switch to SUMD. I did this based on other user videos out there where Graupner radios had been the Tx of choice.

Having a quick tip vlog video or Mon/Wed video would help.


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So, looking into this matter a bit more, it appears this won't work... At all.

The Rx is the problem. Having the GR-12L is the issue, as it does NOT support SUMO, as I have read. Other users have been able to bind their GR-12 and/or GR-16 Rx's.

I have also received word back from FT by email that they didn't feel this setup was doable, but were looking into it.

Show suggestion: mention which transmitters that won't work so folks new to the hobby don't blow money on products that are otherwise incompatible.


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So just a bit of follow up. I reached out to ImmersionRC, and Kent was kind enough to reply. He said that there was no issue on his end using either the GR-12 or the GR-12L receiver with his V150.

I went back and tried it again. The receiver binds, but the controls are all screwed up. Set up as Mode 2, when I move the sticks on my Tx, the wrong outputs are displayed on betaflight. I've yet to figure out how to reassign these. If anyone has experience in this area... again on a Graupner MZ-12, that'd be very much appreciated.


In the setup you have to tell the controller what stick to do what....

So if your controls are on the wrong stick go through the setup again.