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Graupner MZ-12 Help


New member
Been building FT foam fixed wing craft for a year or two now and ran into a problem recently with one of my pietenpols. I found an FT video A few months ago on how to setup the MZ to hover your fixed wing and went through the steps to try it out and now I can’t find the video and can’t get the MZ out of that mode. Each time I try to fly now it starts to shoot straight up in the air to hover as it was programmed to do and eventually crashes. Unfortunately I can no longer find that video so I can try to back out the settings manually (I was stretching the limits of my understanding already and don’t remember what I did exactly). I tried unpairing it with the plane by deleting it and setting it back up again, but it seems these settings are global or something. Looking online there seems to be no way to force a factory default reset on it either as it requests a passcode to do it that no one seems to have. Anyone recall the video or experienced enough to give me some ideas for backing out the settings? Thanks for any thoughts you might have.


Liam B

Well-known member
I use to have an MZ-12 and am pretty familiar with it. What do you mean about hovering a fixed wing. Do you mean VTOL? What kind of receiver are you using?
Thanks. I meant transmitter before. Hovering as in pointing the nose to the sky and floating while flying. It’s a fixed wing so no vertical liftoff or anything. I have a GR-12L receiver installed, but honestly, I’m relatively certainly this is all in the programming I did on the MZ-12 from the video that won’t go away. Is there no way to reset the transmitter to factory defaults?