1. Pigfarm1403

    FPV antenna tracking under 100$ (Old thread, plan on making a new one)

    So for the last year I have been very interested in long range fpv and I am looking into making a ground-station. Previously I have been using a 1.2ghz system that you can pick up on ebay for about 60$, I'll have a link somewhere in here. I plan on using a 1.2ghz system again and there are two...
  2. TwansFPV

    The Best (and only) BACKPACK/CHAIR for FPV Pilots Ever!

    THIS THING IS PERFECT FOR ANYONE THAT FLIES FPV. It’s called “Chairpak”. It’s a backpack that flips into a chair. It’s super comfortable, sturdy & lightweight. The height & recline are fully adjustable so you can sit up straight, or lay it down into a beach lounger and everywhere in between. I...
  3. rcwingman

    Ground station - FPV / GPS / RSSI Antenna tracker build

    This is a build log to share the steps and knowlage by making a GPS / RSSI based antenna tracker with open source and open hardware stuff. Maybe some peoples are interested in building something similar. For a selfish reason I hope this thread can help me to stay motivated and finish this FPV...