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The Best (and only) BACKPACK/CHAIR for FPV Pilots Ever!


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It’s called “Chairpak”. It’s a backpack that flips into a chair. It’s super comfortable, sturdy & lightweight. The height & recline are fully adjustable so you can sit up straight, or lay it down into a beach lounger and everywhere in between. I teamed up with the inventor a couple of months ago and we’ve been working hard to create a drone specific add-on module that slips into it.

You can see all about it here at https://chairpak.com/concepts/fpv-pak.

If you want one PLEASE help us to bring them into production. Just go to the link above, leave a quick comment, check 5 star rating, and enter your email address. It's that simple. Once approximately 50 people have done this they'll go into production and you'll get notified when they become available to purchase. And as great as the prototype is, I can't imagine how nice the finished production version would be. I am absolutely in love with this thing and am sure everyone else will be too!

(Be sure to get 10% OFF with 'TWANSFPV10' promo code!)

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