1. Pigfarm1403

    Flite Fest East 2018 Large Project. Anybody interested?

    At Flite Fest East 2017 I brought an 8ft wingspan Lancaster bomber to fly at the event. Although it was a lot of fun I did not get the satisfaction of working with a group of people. I have four escs, four b pack motors, lots of battery's, and a 3D printer. Is anybody interested in building a...
  2. F

    FT ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE continuation

    FT ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE group project Hello I'm FlyingEngineer I've had this idea ever since Flite Test released the Alpha Bravo And charlie (abc for short). The idea is if we have three letters of the phonetic alphabet as different prop and slot jets with interchangeable wings, why not make...
  3. S

    Create Virginia Beach, VA Meet up group

    Hello FT People, I am looking to create a meet-up group for the Virginia Beach, VA area. Hope to share knowledge, experience, sense of community. I would like to build FT airplanes, Quads together. Learn to fly FPV and other area of RC flying. All experience is welcome. Best Regards, Sidney King