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Flite Fest East 2018 Large Project. Anybody interested?

At Flite Fest East 2017 I brought an 8ft wingspan Lancaster bomber to fly at the event. Although it was a lot of fun I did not get the satisfaction of working with a group of people. I have four escs, four b pack motors, lots of battery's, and a 3D printer. Is anybody interested in building a large six engine airplane like a B-36 or a Ju-390? The plane would preferably be a military plane with props and not edfs. I could also see doing a plane like the Ilya Muroments. If anybody is interested shor reply to this thread!
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Sounds like a beautiful idea, and I wish I could be there. Good luck anyway!

PS I feel like the Ilya would be difficult to balance since RC motors aren't as heavy as the big engines they were using. Just my $0.02.


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If you're going to do this, recruit people now and have a strong plan for actually getting it done. There's been a tradition of doing an epic project at FFE every year and it completely fell apart last year when half the team got pulled off onto other stuff, leaving a 3/4 finished aircraft that never got flown despite massive effort and one individual spending a huge amount of time laying up webbed composite spars for the wings.