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  1. Mr. Gandalf

    FTFC20 Guillows #303 Super Cub designed by Mr. Gandalf

    This is the first forum challenge I will have participated in and I am very excited to get started, but first here is some history of the balsa model! The balsa kit was pretty small with a wingspan of 24". Designed for rubber powered free flight, or control line with a glow engine, It was built...
  2. FMGough

    Rubber Band Powered FT Plane?

    So recently I have been building a lot of chuck gliders with my two boys to fly around in our backyard. Thanks Nerd Nic for your awesome plans. And I began thinking, what if we could take an FT design and fly it using rubber bands? So I selected the FT Simple Cub as my airframe to experiment...
  3. JTarmstr

    Balsa Noob. Guillows A1-H Skyraider

    So i recieved a Guillows A1-H Skyraider kit as a gift for my birthday. I have been thinking about it for a bit and trying to decide what to do with it, part of me wants to convert it to RC and the other half of me wants to make it exactly as it should be with free flight. So i am posting to...
  4. TooJung2Die

    Guillows SE5a Kit 202 Rubber Power to RC Conversion

    I haven't built a Guillows kit in over 45 years. The last Guillows kit I built as a boy was this SE5a. It was rubber powered and covered with the green tissue that came in the kit. I remember it wasn't a great flier. The rubber and prop didn't have enough thrust for it to climb well. The landing...
  5. Lucario

    Guillows Lancer Electric Conversion Build Thread

    This is my first build! I'm gonna document it here. You can go here: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/greetings-from-tennessee-questions-about-balsa-too.54954/#post-426516 to see my initial progress. As of today, I've almost completed the fuselage. I need to add the electronics in...
  6. Lucario

    Greetings from Tennessee! Questions about balsa too.

    I've been watching flite test for quite some time, and I've been flying cheap rc's since i was a kid. But I've always wanted to build my own models. In my opinion, there's nothing like seeing your own work take flight. I've purchased some Guillows kits and I've been working on the lancer as it...