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  1. Wingman04

    Forum Hanger

    I've seen some posts were it says what planes they have. How do you do that? I've search for a while and can't find anyway to add. :confused: Thanks
  2. FoamyDM

    FoamyDM's Hanger and projects List

    FoamyDM's Hanger PLANES In service FT Mini Arrow FT-Mini Sea Duck by AircPirateNinsei FT-TinyTrainer FT-Super Soarer (un-Maidened) FT-Bloody Baron FT Corsair F4U FoamyDM Mini Explorer FoamyDM Bloody Vampire Alpha V1.0 (edf not enough.) FT-Viggen FT-x29 Bloody Lightning FT-Charlie* FT-Sparrow*...