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  1. D

    Help! Can You Use EDFs for the Master Series A-10?

    Hi, I am a relatively new flyer and builder, and I'm looking to build the A-10 Master Series (already built a Master Series Corsair). I bought the A-10 kit thinking that it used EDFs, but just found out it is powered with props. Is it possible for me to use EDFs for it? If so, what size/kind...
  2. FlyerInStyle

    Help! Need help in designs

    I built a tiny trainer. everything went well, BUT that was until... I discovered that my plane was not turning because my tail was on crooked. the tail half of my plain was all crooked. but I only had a tiny piece of foam left. so the only type of fuselage that could fit on the piece of foam...
  3. B

    Second build RMRC mini recruit

    I have an issue I bought one of the RMRC mini Recruit and I came up with the problem of not knowing how to properly hookup the electronics inside I’m still new to the hobby and I want to get it in the air any advice?
  4. N

    Help! How much thrust on my flying wing airplane?

    I bought supplies for my first plane, which is the flying wing design! It is carbon fibre and will weigh 403 grams. The tricky part is the motor i bought supplies only 285 grams of thrust. My aircraft will have just over 400mm squared of wing space not including aerons. Will it fly?
  5. A

    1200kv or 2200kv motor

    Can anyone suggest wheather 2200kv or 1200kv motor is better for better thrust for drone to carry more weight with the drone .
  6. nOtyRmOm

    How to fly/build an scratch build plane

    So for this project in school i am building a plane. I am pretty good at building, but not flying. Could you people give me some tips.
  7. J

    Quad not taking off, Help requested!!!

    Hello. I decided to build a quadcopter for my school personal project and I’ve successfully built a 215mm Quad using the components listed below.....but the problem is the drone won’t lift off even at full throttle. I’ve checked to see if my props are on the right way and my motors are spinning...
  8. StevenWinnen25

    Help! HELP!!! Turnigy 9x Connection problems

    Hi, I’ve been trying to fly my ft sparrow and new ft mini mustang yesterday and today but I’m having trouble with the connection. I’m using the same receiver for each plane, I’m just swapping it between the two. The receiver is the 8ch one that comes with my Turnigy 9x. With the sparrow I would...
  9. Jnr Kuzi

    Help : is it possible to build a tricopter under $250 bucks

    I am trying to raise funds so i can build & fly my first ever RC model. I want to build a tricopter. I think i will be able to raise $250 bucks withing the next month or so. I want the tricopter to be fairly fast with a camera so i can record flight, not flying fpv. Is it possible? If yes...