help with programming eflite safe and dx6e radio

  1. J

    Help! Conscendo Evolution - Safe Select Tuning

    Good afternoon Everyone, I have recently got into the hobby, and started with the Sport Cub S2 RTF. I really enjoyed the features of this plane and developed quite a bit of skill with it. Here's where I'm running into a potential issue with my first BNF airplane, the Conscendo Evolution, I...
  2. CheckMySix

    Spektrum dx6e and eflite safe mode

    I have a eflite F16 70mm bnf and spektrum dx6e and I'm having a heck of a time getting the safe mode switch assignment. I'm pulling the bind plug before binding the reciever as the video shows but, when I pull in sticks and toggle the switch...any switch 5 times....nothing. control surfaces...