Help! Conscendo Evolution - Safe Select Tuning


New member
Good afternoon Everyone,

I have recently got into the hobby, and started with the Sport Cub S2 RTF.

I really enjoyed the features of this plane and developed quite a bit of skill with it.

Here's where I'm running into a potential issue with my first BNF airplane, the Conscendo Evolution, I binded the safe select to one of the buttons on my DX6E and it is enabled but it is very passive on correcting itself, in comparison to my Sport Cub S2. Is the evolution supposed to be like this? There is very little travel especially in the ailerons when it is enabled. I tried re binding several times to see if this would fix the issue but it hasn't. Is the consendo supposed to have very limited travel in leveling itself or is this normal, if so is there a way i can tune it to make it more aggressive like the sport cub?

Thank you in advanced for all the help!