1. ServoCity

    The NEW King of Standard Size Servos - HSR-M9382TH

    Hitec has delivered nearly everything we could want in one servo with the new HSR-M9382TH! Here's just a few of the key, stellar features: https://www.servocity.com/hsr-m9382th-servo Multi-turn while retaining position feedback. Up to 7 turns! Driven with a Neo Brushless motor delivering...
  2. ServoCity

    75% OFF Extensions, Harnesses & Leads

    75% OFF Wiring Assortment Packs (Standard & Heavy Duty) These assortment packs contain a variety of 22AWG & 24AWG extensions, harnesses and leads that are incredibly useful when building an R/C vehicle, wiring up your robot or giving life to a custom creation. The connectors are commonly...
  3. ServoCity

    4 NEW Hitec Servos!

    Our servo line just keeps growing and growing and growing with excellent performers! Introducing four new 25 tooth servos from Hitec! HS-318 HSR-2648CR HS-488 HS-788
  4. ServoCity

    NEW Hitec Servo! HS-488

    We're excited about the NEW HS-488 servo! It's based around the ever popular HS-485HB, but with some noteworthy updates! Click here for additional details.
  5. ServoCity

    FREE Shipping Memorial Weekend!

    Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on your favorite Actobotics & RC parts starting now - May 29th! https://www.servocity.com/
  6. ServoCity

    Tech Tip - The Measurement of Torque

    In our latest Secret Life of a Servo series Jason dives into the world of understanding the measurement of servo torque! https://www.servocity.com/servos
  7. ServoCity

    GIANT SALE - 25% Off Servos, 65% Off Extensions & More!

    We're celebrating National Robotics Week with our second largest SALE of the year including FREE SHIPPING on orders $75+ and: 25% Off Hitec Servos 10% - 15% Off Futaba Servos 65% Off Servo Extensions 30% - 60% Off Actobotics[ https://www.servocity.com Not only are we having a massive sale...
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    Tech Tip: Servo Gear Materials

    Kyle talks servo gear materials in our latest Secret Life of a Servo series video https://www.servocity.com/servos
  9. ServoCity

    5 Servo Essentials

    Get the most out of your servos with these 5 Essential Servo Attachments! https://www.servocity.com/servos/servo-accessories/servo-attachments
  10. ServoCity

    Tech Tip: Understanding PWM Signals

    Check out our new PWM Meter Browse our full line of Servos
  11. ServoCity

    New PWM Meter & Low Voltage Cutoff Switch

    PWM Meter - $19.99 Need to know what PWM signal your receiver, robot or servo controller is sending? Simply plug in our PWM Meter to see a readout of the PWM signal in microseconds (µsec). If you wish to pass that signal on to your servo or device, just plug into the other set of header row...
  12. ServoCity

    New Servo to Shaft Couplers

    A Servo to Shaft Coupler offers a simple and solid way to attach a shaft in line with the output spline of a servo! Available in both 24 Tooth (C1) Spline and 25 Tooth (3F/H25T) Splines. https://www.servocity.com/servos/servo-accessories/servo-attachments/couplers/clamping-servo-to-shaft-couplers
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    MASSIVE Sale!

    We're celebrating National Robotics Week this week with a MASSIVE Sale Deals Include: 20% OFF ALL Hitec Servos Up to 15% OFF select Futaba servos 65% OFF Extensions 15% OFF Batteries FREE Shipping orders over $50 and TONS more! Visit ServoCity.com!
  14. JimCR120

    HiTec Propel Motors

    I've noticed a new banner ad lately. HiTec Propel motors that have an integrated ESC. I don't go through ESC's and therefore wonder why not get some motors with the ESC built in. Has anyone any experience with these specific motors? Has anyone any experience with other motors with the ESC's...
  15. P

    EMAX ESC simon K firmware 12A problem

    Hello there, This is my first quad build :o, and i'm having problems with the Emax simon k 12A esc. When i connect the esc to the battery, it does nothing but emit a starting sound, then stop and nothing else happens, even the sounds related to the configuration by transmitter, which happens...
  16. U

    Hitec Aurora 9X OR Spektrum DX8

    I am looking to buy a new "all rounder" radio. I have whittled down my choice to Hitec Aurora 9X or Spektrum DX8 All opinions are welcome :)
  17. J

    which rx are compatible whit hitec optic 2.4 en Hobbyking

    which RX can used whit mi hitec optic 2.4 radio.