home built

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  2. FoamyDM

    1924 Lincoln Sport - For a Friend

    THE 1924 LINCOLN SPORT How This Project Began I have a friend, goes by Foxtail here, who I have only recently worn down to agree to build planes with me. (not really hard). She and I talked about what planes and about what she would like build and fly? What gets here excited about the subject...
  3. B

    home made 3d

    This is a homemade 3d plane I built last week that fly’s well. Setup Ar6110 e 4 x tower pro 9 gram thunderbird 9 turnigy 2730 -1500 7x6 apc dynamic engineering park bec E-flight 3 cell 450 mah 25 c The plane weighs all up 286 g 740 mm long 710 mm wide The...