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How This Project Began
I have a friend, goes by Foxtail here, who I have only recently worn down to agree to build planes with me. (not really hard). She and I talked about what planes and about what she would like build and fly? What gets here excited about the subject. (I use this method in D&D as well, it helps me keep folks interested.) As I found that having some planes to learn on is helpful, but having a Goal Project to work towards(VF-9 for me) is Critical. So when I talked to her about this, she mentioned her Great Uncle Charles E Churchill was the one who had bought from the factory a 1924 Lincoln Sport. That very plane is now in the Eagles Mere Air Museum at Eagles Mere Ave, Eagles Mere, PA 17731 United States. (pictured above)

According to my friend, Charles started a flight school in Battle Creek Iowa after he was taught in Illinois. This is where he became friends with Charles Lindburgh.... who called him "Shorty" as he was only ~5'-3".

I took this as a Sign to do something.

Here are some more facts about the plane.

The selling of aircraft kits grew rapidly in the 1920s, and the “Lincoln Sport” promised to be one of the better ones. Assembled examples were also on offer. Unfortunately the Great Depression killed off this enterprise, and only plans were made available. They are still available, but as a home-built it was a challenge. Few “Lincoln Sports” remain.
Sourced here

This is C. Churchill's (Foxtail's Great-Grandfather) plane from the museum (above, postcard below)

These are a line of details found in this 1924 Aircraft Yearcraft

L.S. Tourabout . . . .. . ... ... .. . ... .. ... .. . .. Lincoln Standard; Nebraska Aircraft Cor ~ Lincoln, eb
Race Entrance.JPG
5-15-18: I spoke with Foxtail. After speaking to her mother about the RC planes and then specifically this project, Foxtail's mother replied with these articles. I will post as thumbnails but If you find this as fascinating as me, PLEASE enlarge and read.
churchill-1.jpg 10368-MMS-1526327638004-attachment1-Screenshot_2018-05-14-15-51-44-1.jpg 10369-MMS-1526327719632-attachment1-Screenshot_2018-05-14-15-51-44-2_01.jpg

The advertisement is for the Aviation school Started by Charles E. Churchill at Battle Creek Iowa I believe

Below is a Picture if Foxtail's Great Grandfather (C. Churchill) and her Grandmother in the cockpit.

Either Way I started putting an Alpha level plan set for construction and testing as an "A pack" plane
They are pulled from the 3 view but can be build from these Balsa plans too from outerzone or Aerofred and
AlphaSnip.JPG LSpdfshts.PNG
LS_FullAlphaPlans.PDF <- Link here (when Ready)

Found another model here:


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I is sized for an F or A motor. 2-3S depending on your desired flight characteristics.


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Excuses: No - But Soon

@Morgan - Not yet, all I can say is Soon.
This is part of a Plan - get my friend into the hobby have her learn to build fly, then we build this. That gives me a little time.

I have set myself up with a number of projects I desperately wish to complete. Immediately I have 4 projects I wish to attempt to get it into the air prior to finishing this one. They are nearly all leftovers from Build-ruary and March Madness. With another plane for April Showers Challenge I'm currently leaving hanging.. (not the original plan)

LPL - Flying Submarine - Finish electronics and controller setup.
VF-9 - Correct canards and confirm controls.
Kalinin K-12 - solve Elevator travel problem and *gulp* launch...
Simple Scout - Complete electronics and landing gear(with Foxtail who told me the information above about her relative and this plane)
As a Side irrestable piece for the 30mm EDF - the Lippisch 13a.
And the Flying Pancake

This whole family, friends and life thing keep interfering :) (oh, and the pesky sleep thing.)

@ Rockyboy Thank you, I agree. me too. I will be trying this out and then building it with my friend

P.S. - I notice a trend here - my planes are A.B.E. (All But the Electronics)
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I went to a wedding in Nags head NC this past weekend and found a little inspiration:

OWW parkmap.JPG OWW 25thPlaque.JPG OWW MonumentFront.JPG OWW MonumentSide.JPG

With the inspiration, I finally made a bit of progress
I folded over the wings
LS7 UpperWing.JPG
LS8 UpperWing2.JPG
LS9 Wingdihedral.JPG

Dry fit the vertical struts:
LS10 StrutFit.JPG
LS11 StrutLineup.JPG

Rolled the fuselage:
LS1 fusestart.JPG
LS3 NoseCut.JPG
LS4 SquareNose.JPG
LS5 MotorFitting.JPG
LS6 NoseMotor.JPG
LS12 FuseRear.JPG
LS17 FuseTempHold.JPG

Assembled the Empennage and fit to the fuse end:
LS13 EmpennageParts.JPG
LS14 EmpennageFit.JPG
LS15 EmpennageSquare.JPG
LS16 EmpennageFit.JPG

Then did a rough assembly:
LS18 FitFirstLookFront.JPG
LS19 DryFitLook.JPG

I'm pretty happy so far! It's looking this the pictures

The picture above is one of my friend's Grandmother (cockpit) and Great Uncle Churchill! (standing in front) [This picture and some articles will be added to the first post.]

I have to work out the Servo placement, Upper Wing struts, truss cabling, the landing gear and the battery placement.

Comment: I have a couple degree more dihedral, and I may cut the nose back and squaring.
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Quite a burst of activity on this one! Really like the job you did on the fuse.



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UPDATE: See first post for updated News clippings a Historical Personal Photo.

@DamoRC - The pieces have been cut and calling for over two weeks, and with all this History, I've really been wanting to make progress. I very much want to finish this project so I can start on the Larger C Motor version, which I expect to be a TON of FUN to fly. I sense that Once that's ready the two of us will have a couple fun craft to zip around the sky with.


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Thanks Forster! I like seeing the differences in gear and rigging/trussing configurations.


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If there's anything specifically you need a picture of for detail let me know. I can probably get it for you.


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@Forester - thank you, I may take you up on it.
@Namactual Thank you. I think in version two will have fold lines in the main and back parts to simulate the fuselage ribbing.

Note on Instruments - Looks like Airspeed, Bearing (compass), Altimeter, and something

What is this? Is it for Throttle.
Unknown Instrument.JPG

The RCgroups guy did an amazing instrument panel, and I'm wondering how I will do mine (I want to keep it simple, but representative.


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Yep, Cylinder Head Temp. gauge. Used, among other things, to help in setting the fuel mixture correctly.


Slow, low and dirty.
The simple reproduction of an instrument panel would be finding a photo and pasting it to the dash. More complex, you could get photos of the gauges and arrange them in word paint or another program, scale, print and paste.