hot wire foam cutting

  1. agupt108

    Hot wire cutter wall wart not working

    Would it be possible to take the circuit of a hot glue gun and use it to build a hot wire cutter? Thank you!
  2. agupt108

    Hot wire templates

    Does anyone know where you can find templates for hot wired rc planes? Thank you!
  3. agupt108

    Hot wire cutting and lipos

    will a 15 volt 4 cell 450 mah be enough to power a simple hot wire cutter or do i need more mah? Thank you!
  4. utnuc

    new bevel cut method: hot wire

    I'm getting ready to start my third FT plane build, and I have to say the most difficult part of the process is getting the bevel cuts right. Bixler makes it look so easy to get those perfect freehand 45 degree bevel cuts with a sharp razor blade. My experience was that I'd dangerously hack away...
  5. CatholicFlyer

    Help! Need To Hot Cut Large Foam Installation For 12 Feet Wings!

    Okay, here is my build Making 12 feet First Main wing and my dad found 2/4 thick 4 feet long by 2 feet wide foam board installation; and it is the stuff used for heat cutting, so I just watched the video: Not finding in the search on creating super major large wings, first main wing will be...