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  1. billyshaw22

    Giant Plane Builds into 2022

    so to get things started this year I went and started on a big build and decided to share some of this build on here. I went with a B-25 and settled on a wing span of 215". The plane is mostly all foam (pink insulation) of various sizes and lite ply wood for supports and some hardwood spars.
  2. full scale rc.jpg

    full scale rc.jpg

  3. RainbowderpHG

    Does Anyone Know a Website where I Can a 3d printed Part for EDF?

    Hello, I am working on a 1/19 scale Boeing 757-222. I am Using 2 "FMS 80mm 12 Blades Ducted Fan EDF With 3270 KV2000 6S Inrunner Brushless Motor" And the engine diameter is 12cm. So Of course there's going to be a gap in between the outer shell of the engine and the edf. And I Notice Ramy RC Had...
  4. CatholicFlyer

    Unveiling My Third Project: The Double Main Swift Wing B-52

    A lot of private discussion between me, @Chuppster @Mid7night on this and it will be huge, 12 feet wing span, so will do 6 feet wings for each side. To attach the wings, I am borrowing the design this group used to build the Giant Flite Test Duster and bolt them inside. Also another design...