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Does Anyone Know a Website where I Can a 3d printed Part for EDF?

Hello, I am working on a 1/19 scale Boeing 757-222. I am Using 2 "FMS 80mm 12 Blades Ducted Fan EDF With 3270 KV2000 6S Inrunner Brushless Motor" And the engine diameter is 12cm. So Of course there's going to be a gap in between the outer shell of the engine and the edf. And I Notice Ramy RC Had that Problem with his 777, so he 3d printed a inlet to fill up the space and make it easier for the wind to go into the edf. So I Need a 3d printed inlet that can fit around a 80mm edf and "fills" up the rest of the 4cm (the Engine "shell" is 12 cm diameter) Does anyone Know where I can buy (Website) custom made inlets or someone can make one for me and one of my parents can buy it from you on ebay. I Will Need it In December. So if anyone is can or will be willing to make on for me, I will Write you down so I will remember to ask you when I need it.
Credit: Ramy RC "Making the engine inlet for the Boeing 777-9X RC airplane" Thumbnail


I can do this for you, sorry, been out of the hobby for a while due to work. Just got back on the forums and browsing around. I should be able to design this fairly quickly, and then a few prints to get it right. I just ask that you pay shipping and Ill do the rest pro bono. So I want to double check the outer diameter of the edf is 80mm and then there is a 4 mm forward cap to the cowling/shell and an outward 12mm gap meaning there inner diameter of the cowling is 104mm.