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    Issue with Hyperion 550mAh

    I just got the Hyperion 550mAh battery as part of the gremlin kit from flitetest. I am fairly experienced building quads and check for continuity, due diligence etc. I charged the battery, plugged it into the quad for the first time, and got no response from the escs. Upon unplugging the battery...
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    Hyperion Mini Airplane Tail Mount

    http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2270415 I made this after the Mig-3 video. It slides over the tail fin and is friction fitted so there is no direct need to glue or tap it to the plane. So far I have done 10 flights and have had one bad crash. The mount has stayed in place. For the battery...
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    Forge 3d Noob

    Hi guys just received my Forge, super excited to get started. I might be jumping ahead here because I haven't read all the manual. I did notice a Cura settings section, it directs you to download the Cura Settings exe file. I'm on a Mac does anyone know if there is a DMG or have any info on what...
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    Hyperion Lipo Cant charge

    I bought4 batteries from flite test and they wont charge on two of my chargers. I have a iMAX B6 Mini, a B6-80 and a cheap little balance plug only lipo charger. Ive tried various combos, balance lead only etc and nothing works, I get a "Connection Break" error. But when I plug them into my...