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imax b6

  1. Oldbrass

    Solved Lipo not charging. Totally lost my mind and out of ideas.

    Howdy all, First, thanks for all the help I've received so far. I deeply appreciate it. Second, I've watched YouTube videos and read instructions and troubleshot as best as I know how and I'm out of ideas. Here's the rundown: Battery is a Tattu 3S 850. Brand new and bought from FT. I have two...
  2. ZXZE

    Solved Imax b6ac IiPo Battery charger

    My charger stop charging when i accidentally connected the battery i the wrong polarity. At first the charger displayed wrong polarity. I turned off the charger riht away. Although, i could smell some something burning. When i opened the caee, i found out it was a high wattage resistor that was...
  3. N

    IMAX B6 input

    Hello. I just got my IMAX B6 charger, amongst other parts and a plane, and I got a power supply some months ago that should fit with the charger. It doesn't. The only info I could find at the time was that the outer diameter should be 5,5mm, and the inner should be 2,1mm for the DC jack. I got...
  4. N

    IMAX B6 question about the input

    Hi there! I've got a question about the IMAX B6 charger, but first I'll say that I won't get the B6AC version, because it is not in the European warehouse on HobbyKing. The thing is, I have a question about a power supply. I know it has to deliver 5 amps, and be between 12 and 18 volts. The...
  5. N

    Do I need to change anything of what I am going to get?

    Hey! Sorry, this is my 4th post, but I'd better be safe than sorry. I've put together a list of things I need to get, a Bix3 included. Here's the list of things I'm ordering from HobbyKing: The Bix3 PNF A Turnigy Nano-tech 2200mAh 3S 25~50C LiPo battery An IMAX B6 charger/discharger (will get a...