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  1. milkydeathgrind

    Brand new ImmersionRC 600mW Video TX

    I bought this and then realized it isn't compatible with my receiver so I'm selling it. It's brand new with all original packaging and cables. Price on Banggood is $44.99 but I will sell it for $40 with $6.00 shipping. Get it quick before it's gone!!! Please PM me if interested so I get an...
  2. Roandb

    Is runcam compatible with immersion rc

    I have an immersion rc 600mw transmitter and I want run a runcam swift with the transmitter. I'm just wondering whether they will work together. Would like some help! Thanks.
  3. pugslypoo

    Xugong pro v2 with gimbal and easy uhf pro build. 875.00

    XuGong V2 Pro bran new, built within the last 8 months Comes with ezuhf module and receiver. . (Disclaimer, I recreated a new thread because the original sale fell through.) Will not part out. Excellently built with a lot of time and thought. XuGong v2 Pro Frame Kit $200.00 XuGong Gimbal...
  4. R

    FPV system has Blurry/pixelated video feed.

    This is my first time FPV setup that I have done and I am not happy with the results with video quality. If someone out there could provide tips on what I should try to help improve my video quality that I am receiving to my goggles I would appreciate it greatly. Hardware that I am working...
  5. C

    Will a 600MW VTX interfere with the 350qx GPS, Compass, ect

    Will a 600MW VTX interfere with the 350qx GPS, Compass, ect Can someone link me to a cable for gopro hero3 to immersionrc vtx that can work with a gimbal? thx http://www.amazon.com/600mW-5-8GHz-A-V-Transmitter/dp/B00OCNWWTS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1440965969&sr=8-2&keywords=600mw+immersionrc
  6. APlane

    New to FPV, Problem Recieving Video Signal

    Hello! I recently invested in some fpv equipment, but when I powered it all up, the monitor shows no video. Here is a video of exactly how it is set up. If anyone can find a problem, please let me know, since I have no idea why it does not work. My Setup: Mobius Action Camera readymaderc...
  7. N

    ImmersionRC vortex - innovation in the brushless world?

    So I was watching "tested" on YouTube where they were checking out the pretty cool llking RTF from immersionRC. The interesting part is that they spoke about setting motor direction and the guy said it's an innovation in the. Rush less world where you power the quad and spin the motor in the...
  8. MetallDanny

    MetalDanny's Vids And more

    Hii Boys & Girlz Have Found no topic for my MiniH Flights and Pictures .. so i make my own :) Soooo ..., I'm Danny from the Netherlands and I'm a FPV-Junki :p I need my miniH-DRUGS .. more than once a week !!!!! my wife is searching for a REHAB CLINIC .. i love this hobby .. its my ZEN...
  9. thenated0g

    ImmersionRc Y cable for 5v Gopro and 12v Sony Super Had

    Just wanted to throw this out for anybody else that has this setup. Couldnt find anything on the internets. Basically i want to switch my immersionRC vTX between a gopro FPV setup and a Sony board camera FPV setup. The issue being that gopro wants 5v and board cameras want 12v. Here is a simple...
  10. marzvt

    FPV TEK SUMO 2.0 High speed mountain flyer

    Hey everyone I am just finishing up the build on my second FPV TEK SUMO. My first one is lost in the wilderness, I miss it... I live in the mountains so I build for mountain flying. In my mind that means more weight, more power for high wing loading to deal with gusts and wind, and a stability...