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New to FPV, Problem Recieving Video Signal


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Hello! I recently invested in some fpv equipment, but when I powered it all up, the monitor shows no video. Here is a video of exactly how it is set up. If anyone can find a problem, please let me know, since I have no idea why it does not work.

My Setup:
Mobius Action Camera
readymaderc Mobius-to-Fatshark wire
Fatshark 250mW Transmitter
Immersionrc Uno5800 receiver
RCA Car Headrest DVD Player/Monitor



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It sure seems that your camera is not sending a signal out.
Are you sure that the camera is On and sending a signal just because it's charging?
Start with just the camera connected directly to the monitor (with appropriate cables).
Make sure both of them are working first.
Then get the TX and RX working.

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The mobius can be configured to send video out over the usb, but I don't recall if that is the default. If yours came with the video out cables, you can plug it directly into the monitor to check out. You'll need to download the mobius software configuration tool. The latest firmware is great because it has a new exposure and white balance lock feature.

Details (instructions, link to software, etc) here:

BTW, I just watched your video (when I first typed this I was on my phone) from my computer and saw that you have a LCD that bluescreens without a video signal. I just wanted to warn you, in case you didn't know, that flying with that might be a little stressful. It's possible that it takes a while for a bluescreen to display the video signal when it goes out. An interesting test might be to power everything up other than the LCD, then power the LCD up last.
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I am aware that having a screen that displays no static is not optimal for FPV, but it was one I already had laying around, so I figured I'd save some money using it. Later on, as I get more into fpv, I may get a better Monitor, or just get some goggles. As for powering the monitor on last, I have tried this, and still no success. I was able to determine that the Mobius is sending video out.

Here's a video showing that the Mobius does send live video out correctly:

Any more ideas? The issue must be with the Video TX sending the video to the Receiver.

Thanks again!
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I found a solution! The connection from the wire to the receiver's 3.5mm jack was the problem. I plugged the video and ground into the other spot on the reciever and it worked!

Watch the video to see what I mean: