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ImmersionRC vortex - innovation in the brushless world?


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So I was watching "tested" on YouTube where they were checking out the pretty cool llking RTF from immersionRC.

The interesting part is that they spoke about setting motor direction and the guy said it's an innovation in the. Rush less world where you power the quad and spin the motor in the direction you want it to turn and it sets the motor direction.

Has anyone heard about this and how does it work or have I been living under a rock?

At 1:50 they talk about it.

Video here:



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Nope this is new to me. But I may be living under a rock too, so... I can only see one problem, tree branches.
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I haven't heard about this, though it would be rather simple to implement. You just program the ESC to look for the electrical spikes on the wires connected to the ESC from the motors. You know how when you spin any motor by hand, it generates electricity. Well, it will simply generate electricity in one direction or the other on the ESC. So, if you spin it to the left, it will generate spikes on wires A, then B, then C. And if you spin it to the right, it will do the reverse, C, B, A.

Question is, do they want you to do that every time, or is it just something you do during the first ESC calibration? It's a nice way to set motor direction during calibration, though it does add extra circuitry to the ESC.
There is a super long thread on FPVLab which follows this quad from the early design stages up to this point. The quad was designed by Zeeflyboy on FPVLab, and at some point Immersion picked up the design and began working with him to improve it and make it production ready. The overall fram design and the foldable arms have been there since the beginning, but Immersion has been working on integrating a lot of the electronics and improving things quietly in preparation for release.

Maybe a couple months ago, they revealed it would have the "Rotor Sense" feature which has been mentioned in this thread. I believe you only have to do this once, and chances are the ESC's on the Vortex will already be programmed since it is being offered as an "RTF" airframe.

A couple weeks ago they announced they will be selling the ESC's that are used in the Vortex separately as a pack of 4 for anyone building thier own mini-quad.


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Hopefully my Vortex test frame will arrive soon and I can give some "hands on" comments. The rotor sense idea is only meant to be done once. The ESC's will remember the direction after that.


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It's a good idea, and at the bottom of their page they state that if other ESC manufacturers are interested they simply have to ask as it's not patent-pending.
Although considering you only do the setup at build time, it's not that much of a big deal but if it doesn't add more complexity (ie. only code) then why not.


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The whole idea with the Vortex is all the arms are identical so you can carry spares and if you break a motor or arm at a race meet you can put a whole new arm on quickly and set the direction.


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Saw a prototype of this frame at flitefest last year. I wanted to run away with the frame. Tony brought it over when Dan, Patrick, Asbjørn and I were infront of our camp site. He also has the other new frame the released. I can't spell it so I'm not going to try.


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XuGong Pro/V2 :)

They had both during their Europe meetup too. I liked both for the frames, but I'm a little concerned about the closely integrated circuits. The XuGong was built for DIJ and ImmersionRC equipment. All connectors, etc. on the board are designed especially for that combination.

I understand why they do that, but as a builder I don't like it.


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I love this roto-sense innovation. It is a real step forward in real-world mini racing. Since you KNOW you're going to crash, it's really a no-brainer to develop repair techniques that are as quick as possible and that can be integrated in the design. This just seems like a logical subset to a really fast boom exchange.


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I suppose on a tiny ESC like the KISS' it is quite a hastle to unsolder wires to reverse motor direction.
Time to make KISS v2, with rotorsence.


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I have had the misfortune on some of my early builds of completely shrinkwrapping and beautifying my builds only to realise the motors are spinning in the wrong direction :)
My bad of course but this would resolve this completely.