indoor airplane

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  6. billyshaw22

    Plane MXS Profile 3d 1

    use 8gram servos and 2207 1750 motor. foam board with carbon fiber or hardwood spar. great for indoors.
  7. Maxx

    FT Simple Cub 60%

    Allo everyone ! I just started to build a mini Simple Cub with the electronics of UMX Radian . I use yellow Adams ready board ( not the water proof ) and since it's yellow on one side only , I glue the yellow paper on the white side . When it's done drying under weight so it doesn't warp , I...
  8. micro_builder

    2.1g Micro Vapor

    Got this thing pretty much finished and test flown, thrust line needs a bit of tweaking, but otherwise seems good to go, will get a proper flight video up soon. My lightest so far, by nearly a full gram...the 10mah lipos really drop the weight. Considering adding the elevator, but I'd want it...
  9. DiAleksi

    DiA Tiny Whing - the minimalistic, easy build and fly micro wing 1S/2S

    Hello guys! I like flying wings. And I like minimalism and small scale. One day my friend got me to try small AD/HD Delta wing, with a 40cm wingspan. I loved it. But still had feeling to do some more minimalistic. As I like FPVWRA Spec class racing wings and tiny whoop quads, got some...
  10. thatfpvkid

    Airplanes for 250 quad motors

    I have been looking for some planes to use Emax 2204-2300kv motors on because I no longer need them for an old racing quad. I had seen a few such as the FT-Punjet and other mighty minis from flite test but was wondering if anybody knew of any others. Thanks:D