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  1. Cookieman10101

    DSM2 Sat Rx No longer listens to input

    So i have a micro racing quad, the kingkong 95gt. i LOVE this thing, fly it all the time. However i recently took a pretty hard landing because i hit a branch, probably hit the ground 6 feet from the air. When it came back into the air i had no control input and tried to disarm but it kept going...
  2. P

    kk2 input problem

    Hi all, I recently borrowed my friend's F450 running on kk2. He warned me : "my quadcopter was working great until one day, the kk2 didn't recognized any pitch input." :( I said I would try to fix this : I tried EVERYTHING ! (from unplugging and plugging back the RX to a whole factory reset) ...