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  1. Repairman

    My wife blames flitetest

    Hi everyone, I haven't posted before but have been checking in for a few months now. My son and I first discovered Flitetest on YouTube. I remember the first ever video we watched, it was this the DIY Foam Board Water Plane (The FT Sea Duck). My son, who is 4, wanted one immediately, and still...
  2. Snarls

    New Camera Goodies From DJI and FLIR

    Was searching the 'webs when I saw some posts from Austin and Flitetest about the new DJI Zenmuse x5 camera and gimbal. A new interchangeable lens camera with aperture, shutter speed, etc adjustments from the remote. Check it out. I wonder if you will be able to buy the camera separately (Edit...
  3. Techno

    How to Help a DJI Pilot

    Hey All, I have a conundrum that I honestly need a second (or more) opinion on. I'm in high school right now, and I've befriended a guy in my woodshop class. He asked me what prior experience I had with building and working with tools. I told him I was an RC pilot and was building a second...