My wife blames flitetest


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Hi everyone, I haven't posted before but have been checking in for a few months now.

My son and I first discovered Flitetest on YouTube. I remember the first ever video we watched, it was this the DIY Foam Board Water Plane (The FT Sea Duck). My son, who is 4, wanted one immediately, and still does. Unfortunately we haven't built one yet, I don't think either of our flying skills are up to water landings and take off's just yet. We both have achieved considerable expertise at sudden stop landings though. The biggest improvement in my flying skills came when I discovered cheap little NAZE32 controllers and I have a versa wing that has survived long enough, with the NAZE32 moderating my control, to use up a battery and do a couple of laps of the park. A very exciting and joyful moment for my son and I.

the NAZE32 led me to quadcopters and though I haven't flown a quad yet I am scratch building a 3d printed DJI Inspire style quad with landing-gear/motor-booms that raise and lower. This project I am calling the Open Inspired Piranha and it is itself heavily inspired by another project called DJI Inspired v1.5 by Fragmaster from RCGroups forums that was inspired by a quad called the DJI Inspired, by BlackBox RC, also on RCGroups.

Anyway it's been a pretty intense ride this whole RC flight thing. I am learning about 3d printing, CAD design with Fusion 360, all the electronics and radio stuff. It never seems to end. There is always something interesting that I can add to my knowledge in this hobby. And, for my son, I really can't think of a better way to introduce all these hot new STEM ideas: computer software programming, robotics and automation, electronics, rapid prototyping and manufacturing, design thinking, aeronautical engineering, materials science... I think this hobby can really help a young person become ready for our new technocratic societies.

If you have read this far you really deserve a few build pictures. Which after all is all anyone really wants to see anyway. And, if your interested in the Piranha build progress check out, I have even published the 3d printer files and original CAD files, if you want to make your own, or are just interested. The whole project is also hosted in a GitHub open source repository.

Pirahna Render Exploded.png Pirhana overview.jpg OI Pirahna Fairings removed.png OI Pirahna body lift mechanism closeup.png Printing main frame.jpg bash plate on printer.jpg bashplate from behind.jpg


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Thanks so much for posting Rapairman!
This looks like an awesome little project and I can't say enough about how I loved the story about your son and and opportunities/memories you guys have shared even at such an early age!!
Please continue to post your progress as well as continue to grow, learn and help others learn. These forums are filled with so much knowledge and what a wonderful way to grow the hobby right?! ;)

Thanks for your support and for the kind words!
Blessings and happy flying!


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Thanks for the encouragement. I will definitely keep you guys updated on my build progress. Yes it is a fun way to grow the hobby :D



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I have made some important progress today. My build relies on a 3d printed leadscrew to lift the body for landing and lower the body in flight to allow unimpeded camera rotation. I designed the leadscrew specifically for this machine and although I have been confident that the theory of the 3d printed lift mechanism is sound, I wasn't confident that the materials and were up to the job. I was worried that the parts might bind or break.

Today I assembled the lift mechanism parts and installed the servo to operate the landing assembly. It worked! :applause: There are some things I can improve, I have a little backlash in the lifting beam and tighter clearance in the lifting beam guide will address that, but, it works! :cool:


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Open Inspired Piranha Build Progress

Just a quick build progress log.

Over the weekend I assembled the battery frame, expansion frame and payload bracket to the main frame. I also installed the bash plate to check fit and installed a couple of expansion shelves to check fit too. All the fit is working ok, with a few corrections to feed back into the design.

I was really interested in the weight and although not final yet the weight including battery is 1038 grams. This is no light weight machine but most of the weight so far is in the battery (836 grams) leaving the dry weight of the frame so far at 202 grams (7.13 ounces). I'm aiming for less than 3000 grams wet weight and think i'm on budget weight wise.





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Hi guys, I just thought I'd let you know I'm still working on the Piranha, but, the build has slowed down a lot leading into Christmas with all the normal Christmas stuff that goes on.

Anyway today I got a chance to get back into hobby stuff and so I whipped up this little Versa Wing. I found and 3d printed the firewall by Erbamec from Thingiverse. And I designed these little direct actuator elevon arms. You just press them onto your servos and lock them in with the servo screw. Then the direct actuator arms slip over the elevons and you hot glue the servo to the bottom sheet of your versa wing after cutting out some relief in the top sheet on the wing. The pictures say it better. The servos stick out a little proud of the wing but you don't need to worry about sloppy linkages, horns and bowing rods.



I have posted the CAD files for the actuator on Thingiverse


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I gratefully blame Flite-Test

I too "gratefully" blame Flite Test for my current flying obsessions. Started out with an accidental hit on one video last winter, and quickly turned into an all out youtube binge watch.

This looks like a really great project. Really interested in watching the progression.



Wake up! Time to fly!
Any more progress made on this by chance?

I don't blame Flite Test. I thank them for spurring me on to do better things.


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Wow another Canberran! What are the odds?

Your project looks great! Keep the updates coming.

I also really love the elevon arms.