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j3 cub

  1. Taildragger

    2021 Piper Cub Build Challenge!

    Pretty basic challenge. Mostly just build any piper cub and fly it. More requirements/challenges coming soon. (Don't worry I won't be like @Hondo76251 and make them hard on the airframe lol) So far all I have is: Requirements: 1: Must be a cub manufactured by Piper Aircraft Company...
  2. A

    Piper J3 Cub scratch build

    I started building a 100cm wing span j3 cub based on FT simple cub plans but modified . I used HK 5mm modeling foam (similar to depron) , recycled polystyrene sheets, some balsa wood, 3mm plywood, kraft paper (brown) , as main building materiel. I mainly used polyurethane glue to bond things...
  3. sumone

    My Conscendo s and j3 cub videos

    Hey. I'm new to rc and have only been flying a few months but thought i would share a couple of my videos. (location is Deception Bay Queensland Australia) Here is a kaiser baas camera zip tied to my conscendo s glider More cub. Here is me flying my glider and cub. More cub.
  4. H

    1400mm j3 cub by HK

    I would really like to see a flitetest review for this plane!? Please!