josh bixler

  1. flitetest

    Plane FT Baby Blender 2.1

    FT Baby Blender Designed By: Josh Bixler Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: The Baby Blender Swappable is an excellent transition into four channel flying and more advanced building techniques. With gentle stall characteristics and a wide speed envelope, the Baby Blender will enable you...
  2. teerthwarang

    Edge 540 out of Raw Depron! Rebuilt

    Hey guys! I built a EDGE 540 from Flite Test plans few days ago and this is how it came together! Thanks to Andrews for making such a great plane!
  3. D

    Help! plans sizes according to power packs

    hey guys, i was thinking of changing the sizes to existing plans, but don't know the power requirements of such planes.Maybe you guys could take a look at some size changes, and give us some recommendations for a power pack.For instance a 200% cub, or a 50% explorer.Just a thought.
  4. keegan_M_P

    Gremlin Josh Bixler frame transmitter / receiver

    What do you guys or girls recommend for a good reciver and transmitter for the josh bixler gremlin frame its not very specific on the page what type of six channel reciver you need. Thanks.
  5. F

    F.T. 20 DEW RAPTOR (EDF)

    This is my new F.T. 20 dew raptor Made from a Coraplast MTN DEW sign for a wing, and body,... Foamboard nose and rudders, and has a ... Dr. mad thrust 64mm (edf) , with a 4 cell 2200 for power! tell me what you think, i think josh will love this !!!! :)
  6. F

    FT 22 mods to fix cg and slow speed flying

    When I first built this plane I was so excited because I love flitetest and I like park jets. I was stoked to fly and build a flitetest park jet. As per per all the other flitetest planes it when together perfectly and looks awesome. but then I started to try to get the cg where it was marked...
  7. Z

    Videos on Josh Bixler's full scale Pietenpol?

    I would love to see some update videos (or something similar) for Josh Bixler's full scale Pietenpol air camper! I'm quite interested in full scale aviation and would love to see what's happening. :D