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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
FT Baby Blender

Designed By: Josh Bixler
Plans By: Dan Sponholz

FT Baby Blender WR Resource.png

The Baby Blender Swappable is an excellent transition into four channel flying and more advanced building techniques. With gentle stall characteristics and a wide speed envelope, the Baby Blender will enable you to experience all the benefits of four channel flight. Tight loops, rolls, hammerheads, snap rolls, inverted, and even high alpha are all possible with this design. The Baby Blender will quickly take away your intimidation of flying a four channel biplane, and take you back to your childhood when the only limitation was the lead in your pencil and the size of your paper.

Speed Build Kit:
FT Baby Blender Speed Build Kit

Power Pack Compatibility:
Power Pack C Radial

14 Oz (Fully assembled; without battery)
Wingspan: 24 Inches (610mm)
Center of Gravity: 3.25 Inches (82.5mm) from leading edge of top wing (Recommended)
Control Surface Throws: 19/30 degrees (dual rates)
Expo Suggestions: 30%

Free Plans: Click the Download Button in the upper-right corner of this page
* These plans have been updated to the latest format. The design of the model has not changed. Only the format has changed to make it easier to print and build from the plans.
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