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kk 2.1.5

  1. G

    Help! Motor 2 spinning faster than the rest on KK 2.1.5 board

    Hey guys, I am building my first quadcopter using the KK 2.1.5 board (the frame is similar to DJI F450, using 1000Kv motors, 2200Mah 11.1v battery), but the motor connected to the 2nd ESC slot on the KK board is spinning faster than the rest. i.e with like around 5%-10% throttle I am able to...
  2. D

    NEED HELP!! A Noob experimenting with KK 2.1.5 board in FT Explorer!

    First of all, I don't understand anything about the concept of firmware. Like which firmware goes on which board and WHY!?Does it depend upon the aircraft model that you are flying? Do an RC drone and an RC plane use different firmware? What is the difference between a good firmware and the best...
  3. devindied

    KK Mini Controller Review

    Would love to see the KK Mini Review for multirotors and for planes. I know there are multiple versions of firmware for these boards(same as the KK 2.1.5) and would like to see a video explaining some of the options as well(OpenAero, OpenAeroVTOL etc). P.S. Thanks for taking the time to check...
  4. R

    KK 2.1.5 Setup

    Hi, I'm trying to setup a kk 2.1.5 for my tricopter, I'm also using a DX6i. I don't know what the best settings to fly would be. The throttle is rather touchy, it rises and falls easily. Should I use a throttle curve or would I need to change something on with the board? Also with a kk 2.1.5 do...
  5. W

    PID settings for 3 blade props

    Hi all, First off, sorry, i hope i posted this thread in the right place. I apologise if not. I was seeking some help, and became interested in what PI (D) settings I should have for three blade props on a quad? I heard they are slightly different to two blades, because of efficiency etc. I...