1. S

    Dualcopter kk2.1.5 right servo not working

    Hi I've been facing this issue for a while and nothing seems to work. This is my second shot at making a Dualcopter. My first try failed but everything worked the way it should. This time around, the right servo alone doesn't work. I checked if it is connected properly and it sure is, and when...
  2. V

    Help! post flight data logging of flight using kk2.1.5 as flight controller

    Can we log the post flight data of flight which has kk2.1.5 as a flight controller in it?
  3. Z

    M1 on KK2.1.5 Won't Work-How to Use Only M2-M5

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. So I'm building my first quadcopter and have run into a problem. When I power it on any motor/ESC combo that's connected to channel M1 does not work properly. It will twitch randomly and when I give the quad some throttle and then take it...
  4. devindied

    KK Mini Controller Review

    Would love to see the KK Mini Review for multirotors and for planes. I know there are multiple versions of firmware for these boards(same as the KK 2.1.5) and would like to see a video explaining some of the options as well(OpenAero, OpenAeroVTOL etc). P.S. Thanks for taking the time to check...
  5. jaskoller

    KK2.1.5 Firmware Post for 2015

    I need some advice. I've been searching forums and the Internet for updated information but need some help. I'm getting ready to install my KK2.1.5 board on a fresh Tri, however, do you guys recommend flashing it to a different firmware like "Stevie's" or something else? I've read about a...
  6. S

    tricopter batbone help

    I have recently purchased the batbone, love it by the way. it took me awhile but I got it to hover inside and outside.here's the thing that I try to get if it tried to give it throttle and it wants to do a backflip It Tries to Inverter itself I have the self level on. I mean it hovered in my...
  7. J

    KK board vs Nano QX self level

    Hi all. I've started getting into multirotors on a recommendation from the videos. I bought a Nano QX and have been loving it. I'm starting to toy with the idea of building my first tri or quad in the next few months. I've become pretty decent at stability mode (self level) on the nano...
  8. M

    Problem: Quad throttling up while flying forward

    So, my Quad has a KK2.1.5 board, Hobbyking Blueseries 20A ESC's and 1000kv Motors. With stock firmware on the KK and the ESC's it flew, but was very twitchy, even after tuning the PI settings. So I decided to flash the Steveis KK2.1.5 Firmware (v1.17S1 Lite). After that, it flew a little more...
  9. F

    KK2.1.5 board, Gyro problems???

    Hey guys! So my dad and I just built our first quadcopter (Electrohub quad kit with the KK2.1.5 board, generic HK 30a esc's NTM Prop Drive motors) and we took it for a test flight yesterday afternoon. When we tried to put a bit of power and started increasing throttle to the quad, it suddenly...