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Problem: Quad throttling up while flying forward

So, my Quad has a KK2.1.5 board, Hobbyking Blueseries 20A ESC's and 1000kv Motors.
With stock firmware on the KK and the ESC's it flew, but was very twitchy, even after tuning the PI settings.
So I decided to flash the Steveis KK2.1.5 Firmware (v1.17S1 Lite). After that, it flew a little more stable, I could raise the P a little more without it oscillating, but it was still twitching a little and overcorrecting when changing angle.
So again, I flashed the ESC's with the SimonK firmware. Now, it's not overcorrecting, feels very locked in and extremely stable. But now, when I'm flying forwards, when it gains a little speed, it starts throttling up and climbing, without me changing the Throttle.

Here a little graphic, on how it's altitude changes, when pitching forward.

When it throttles up while flying forward, the motors don't spin up smoothly, but kind of "hopping".

What could cause this problem? Because when I hover it doesn't do that.

I also have minor problems balancing the motors, because 2 of the screw-on Propshafts (NTM Prop Drive 28 Series Accessory) aren't perfectly straight when screwed to the motor, so they are causing minor vibrations. But I don't think that's the problem, because when I Yaw, the motors also speed up and create different vibrations, but don't cause the throttling up. The Props should be perfectly balanced. Any Tips?


Faster than a speeding face plant!
I don't have a KK2.1.5 so I don't have the new firmware. I am hoping someone with more experience with Steveis will chime in. I recall a discussion about how a KK2 can be programmed to offset a dip with more thrust so a newbie can pitch his copter and not need to throttle up to maintain altitude.
Oh, so that could be a feature of the Lite Version from Steveis. I will try to flash the Pro Version tomorrow and see if that fixes it.
Thanks for the info


Faster than a speeding face plant!
If it is a 'feature' of the lite version, it is likely also a 'feature' of the pro version.

I did some digging in the Stevei's manual and found this on page 22:
Increase the Roll and Pitch I gain (note the difference from P gain) until it flies straight forward without pitching up or down.

I would try this before re-flashing.

Wow! I had no idea Steveis had so much for the KK2.0. I really need to re-flash my BatBone and Knuckle I quad and play with some of the hot newness.