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    Blheli Configurator only reading 3 esc's

    Hello, I am as about as new as it gets to mini quad building. I am stuck in the setup phase as I have flashed my kombini fc with betaflight but the motor test slider won't move up at all (safety checkbox is checked). Then I checked BLHeli Configurator and it is only showing ESC 2, 3, and 4. No...
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    R5X Kombini build sanity check please

    I'm putting together the XHover R5X build with the Kombini FC board. I have the motors, ESCs, and FC board soldered together. Multi-meter indicates no shorts. Before I when too much further I thought I would power up the board. Attached is a video of the power up. Since I'm not familiar...
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    Anyone else with a Kombini Flight Comntroller?

    I started a job and bought a MRM Scythe 220 and a Kombini Flight controller. Then the boss had to go into Rehab. The company (home remodeling) shut down while the boss went into dry out. I found another job and get my first whole check on Thursday. So my Kombini has been programmed with Beta...