Blheli Configurator only reading 3 esc's


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I am as about as new as it gets to mini quad building. I am stuck in the setup phase as I have flashed my kombini fc with betaflight but the motor test slider won't move up at all (safety checkbox is checked). Then I checked BLHeli Configurator and it is only showing ESC 2, 3, and 4. No ESC 1. I have checked solder joints and even tried replacing the esc in question.

The ESC's I'm using are Lumenier 30A BLHeli and FC is Furious FPV Kombini

Any suggestion are appreciated!!


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If the connections are good and the ESC is known to be good, it could be that you have a bad motor pin on the FC. Luckily the newer Betaflight versions can remap the motor pins to other pins on the board. Joshua explains it better than I could...



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Wow your gripe sounds so so so like mine from not that long ago. Though I think I am past that initial problem, I am still not flying the Gremlin as it should be. I suspect my problem when I had the ESC problem was that I was desoldering the small black wire instead of just cutting it. It would seem that I was able to desolder it successfully 3 times and unsuccessfully 2. I have since bought 2 more ESC's, chose not to desolder that wire. And 1 works. The other is a spare at this time.

If you find it to be another problem different than mine though I would very much like to know what it is.