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R5X Kombini build sanity check please

I'm putting together the XHover R5X build with the Kombini FC board. I have the motors, ESCs, and FC board soldered together. Multi-meter indicates no shorts. Before I when too much further I thought I would power up the board. Attached is a video of the power up. Since I'm not familiar with what it is supposed to do at this point I was hoping someone with experience could let me know if it looks OK or not.





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Its sang to you, there was no ZZZZZZZZZT of electricity going some where it shouldn't and above all there was no magical smoke set free. I would say leave the props off and run the motors up a bit. Make sure they are turning the correct directions as well as starting at the same time. I assume you have or will do an esc calibration to ensure that happens. If all that works out then toss some props on and take it out for a hover test.
Thanks for the response. My primary concern, since my soldering skills are a bit dated, was that I did not see any jiggle from the motors as I have seen in other videos. Could be due to a different motor than the reference video (Lumenier vs. Eflite), but don't know. A bit more configuration and then I can put it on the computer for calibration. Still needs the receiver and the FPV transmitter.


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Looks great so far Hubbsj! Looking forward to seeing it fly! This frame literally is a SUPER SMOOTH, crazy agile flyer...we love it here at the shop! Good luck and happy flying my friend!



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I am debating between an Xhover or Dquad 4 inch build when I can put the money together I wanna go lighter and faster my next graduation of skills. I wanna do what MetallDanny and Boris B do for fun hehe.
R5X Frame

I'm not familiar with the other frame but I can attest to the R5X being very sturdy. My only trouble with my build had nothing to do with the airframe, I can't get the video to work and have no idea which of the multiple parts is to blame. It's probably me. :D


Wake up! Time to fly!
Well that gives you some trouble shooting to do. That is a good and necessary skill to have in this hobby anyway. Unless you wish to send things back and forth to the manufacturer or to friends to repair for you.

Good luck in finding the problem. Feel free to post what you have done to figure it out if you are unable to get it working. That way someone here can point you in a different direction to maybe help you out.