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large scale

  1. ItMightFly

    Wing Joining

    Hello FliteTest community! I’m doing a father/son project with my dad. We are building a giant 10ft wingspan twin engine aircraft. I came up with the design in a couple of hours and built a 5ft wingspan single engine version as well as a 2.5 foot version as a twin. We decided to go twin for...
  2. P

    150% Sea Duck

    I got this crazy idea of building a larger FT Sea Duck. The 150% scale was set arbitrarily and as I was modifying the plans, I started to wonder whether I bit more than I could chew. But I still take it as a (huge) challenge. Some of my friends offered to help me with cutting the material, so we...
  3. W

    Foam Ultralight Scratch Build

    Hey guys recently I was trying to watch all of the episodes in one weekend (it didn't work out ;-() but anyways sand I saw the bricksler episode and I am avid fan of ultralights (fyi for anyone that doesn't know an ultralight is an plane that weighs less than 256 lbs and does not require a...