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150% Sea Duck


New member
I got this crazy idea of building a larger FT Sea Duck. The 150% scale was set arbitrarily and as I was modifying the plans, I started to wonder whether I bit more than I could chew. But I still take it as a (huge) challenge. Some of my friends offered to help me with cutting the material, so we might finish it as a group effort :)

The plan is to use double-rudder, two part elevator, ailerons and maybe flaps between motor pods and main fuselage. Also, wings must be somewhat detachable, otherwise I couldn't move it anywhere. I'm thinking of cutting them past motor mounts.

So far, I have scaled the plans up and modified all the folds so that I could use the same 5mm thick material. Also, some parts needed some adjustment, for example pontoon spacers are now 3 layers thick instead of 2. But the pontoon pylons are still 2 layers thick, so the pontoon got a bit narrower. After this, I did a preview layout (http://imgur.com/RPOK6V2) to find out how much material would I need and which parts won't fit. It seems that the project will eat up 16 sheets! (That's 4 Explorers!) That corresponds with the scale ( 150% width x 150% length = 225% area ), but I somehow hoped I would be able to fit the parts closer together.

Now I need to rescale aileron servo holes, pontoon pylon holes, modify wings and wing spars and determine how I wish to cut parts that won't fit on a single piece of foamboard. Also I plan to build a thin slice of wing to test my thought-up wing detach mechanism before I start building the whole thing.

I have never attempted to build such a large plane, so I welcome any comments. :)

( PS: Of course I'm modifying the planes in vector editor, but I would like to check everything few times before I publish initial version of the plans. )