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laser cutting

  1. E

    First time poster, SF Bay Area resident

    Hi All, New to the hobby as my posting location would suggest. Currently in Palo Alto and looking for any clubs/resources/flying locations near by. Also wondering if anyone in the area has a laser cutter setup that they are renting out. Would make building much quicker. Best!
  2. J

    Laser Cut Foam?

    Hi All, I'm working on a school project and was wondering if anyone has the laser settings necessary to cut 3/16" Dollar Tree Foam. I've done some research online but have had trouble finding the necessary settings for cutting / scoring foam. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! We...
  3. F

    behind the scenes suggestion, Laser cutting

    Hi, I've been watching your videos for a couple of months now (all of them!) and the one thing I don't think you have covered is the laser cutting of your kits. I know I'm interested how the laser works when cutting different materials like the that used for the "Batbone" or the wooden...