laser cutting

  1. F

    Laser cutter issues

    Hi, I recently bought a Sculpfun S10 laser cutter with the intention to cut my foamboard with it. Obviously not doing my research beforehand i quickly found out that my white (both paper and core) foamboard decided to mess with being lasered. Experiments with black (both paper and core)...
  2. Innaviation

    Flite Test "FT Elements" Simple Firewall and many other laser cut items

    While scratch building a FT Explorer I discovered that you need a FT Elements board to complete the build so I went on to Flite Test store and bought one. After making this purchase I wondered if I could laser cut my own FT Elements board for future projects. So I created this thread for people...
  3. nebraskatrevor

    HOME BUILT CO2 LASER FOR DTFB (lots of pics)

    I thought I would share a few pictures of the laser build that I completed recently. When I began with flite test planes only a few months ago I knew quickly that I wanted a way to cut out my own planes from the plans that they so generously provide for each of their new releases. I have a CNC...
  4. E

    First time poster, SF Bay Area resident

    Hi All, New to the hobby as my posting location would suggest. Currently in Palo Alto and looking for any clubs/resources/flying locations near by. Also wondering if anyone in the area has a laser cutter setup that they are renting out. Would make building much quicker. Best!
  5. J

    Laser Cut Foam?

    Hi All, I'm working on a school project and was wondering if anyone has the laser settings necessary to cut 3/16" Dollar Tree Foam. I've done some research online but have had trouble finding the necessary settings for cutting / scoring foam. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! We...
  6. F

    behind the scenes suggestion, Laser cutting

    Hi, I've been watching your videos for a couple of months now (all of them!) and the one thing I don't think you have covered is the laser cutting of your kits. I know I'm interested how the laser works when cutting different materials like the that used for the "Batbone" or the wooden...