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Flite Test "FT Elements" Simple Firewall and many other laser cut items


New member
While scratch building a FT Explorer I discovered that you need a FT Elements board to complete the build so I went on to Flite Test store and bought one. After making this purchase I wondered if I could laser cut my own FT Elements board for future projects. So I created this thread for people to post any laser cut items for RC planes, but specifically the FT Elements board, firewalls, and the many other useful laser cut thing for RC planes.
Most of the plans contain the plywood parts as well, which you could definitely use to make your own. I haven't had to yet as I originally ordered a whole bunch of everything and have not ran out yet.


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Remember the licences for using those designs are all creative common no non commercial, so you are fine to make them for your own consumption but selling them to others will breach that licence.