launch platform

  1. CappyAmeric

    Launch Dolly

    I built a FT P-38 a while ago but have resisted a maiden because I fly alone and a hand launch of almost 60 inches seems a little too much. I decided to research launch dollies and stumbled across a $25 plastic Red Flyer wagon that would do the trick. Some foam board, a 97 cent pool noodle, and...
  2. CatholicFlyer

    launching Vehicle Build Ideas

    Okay, I may be a tad crazy, but my double swift wing B-52 is going forward, Pretty much ready for phase two, adding the plywood to increase the strength and make the frame that will hold the wings with bolts. Now there is a forum member who built Howard Hughes' Sproose Goose and belly launches...
  3. S

    FT F22 SBK Launch Question

    I have completed this kit and watched the video on how to hand launch but can't get the knack of the "boomerang" throw. Since its a pusher my buddies are reluctant to try a hand launch. Has anyone built a launch platform where you can sit the plane on a set of rails (PVC?) at about a 45 degree...