FT F22 SBK Launch Question


I have completed this kit and watched the video on how to hand launch but can't get the knack of the "boomerang" throw. Since its a pusher my buddies are reluctant to try a hand launch. Has anyone built a launch platform where you can sit the plane on a set of rails (PVC?) at about a 45 degree angle, start the motor and then let it fly from the platform?


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It's a lot easier to launch than you may think. My build, using the Blue Wonder and 8x6 prop on a 850mAh battery basically flies out of my hands...

I hold the plane by the right/starboard air-intake near the leading edge of the wing, with my left hand and kind of do a "frisbee/flying disc/boomerang toss" launch. This allows me to keep my right hand on the TX to adjust the pitch/roll as needed. I launch with about 60-75% throttle. You can see in the video, I use my chin to move the throttle stick up.
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