launching Vehicle Build Ideas


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Okay, I may be a tad crazy, but my double swift wing B-52 is going forward, Pretty much ready for phase two, adding the plywood to increase the strength and make the frame that will hold the wings with bolts. Now there is a forum member who built Howard Hughes' Sproose Goose and belly launches it, that thing is massive, which is a little smaller than my plane. We are talking about a 10 Feet Long Fuselage, 12 Feet Long Main Swift Wing, 6 Feet Long Secondary Swift Wing and then huge rudder.

Now the area I am thinking for the rear landing gears/wheels, no problem, your normal straight up and down motion, but the front ones, there is a spot that is side ways, so the front landing gears would come down side ways, then it would have to straighten out, then straight down for it to work. That seems complicated, it sure did when I noticed the area inside the fuselage. Or, some don't even put wheels on their planes and just belly land them. But with this thing being so huge, what ideas of a launching vehicle thingy do you guys think would work? I don't know the weight yet, finished up my last supply of foam board to make the fuselage.

I look forward to reading your ideas, even if they are crazy ones.

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I second the catapult set up! I fly my mini arrow and goblin frequently. Less chance of prop injury with a catapult.