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  1. FoamyDM

    Night Flying becomes LEGAL, an FAA NPRM 2020 Thank you

    Upon compliance with FAA Remote ID Proposed remote ID, https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/12/31/2019-28100/remote-identification-of-unmanned-aircraft-systems We will be able to legally fly our Planes at night! Without needing some special sanction. So long as Pilot and plane can be...
  2. R

    Legal US Frequencies

    I am new to FPV. I want to get a 5.8Ghz Rx/Tx. I see a lot of Rx/Tx with selectable channels within the 5.8 band. I was told that in the us there is only one legal chanel/subband and that all Rx/Tx sold in the US have the frequency dip switches preset and sealed. Is this correct?
  3. B

    Legality issues with exploding plane?

    Me and my friends want to make a youtube channel, where we scratchbuild planes for really cheap, and destroy them in some manner (like shooting a bb gun at it) and then reuse the electronics and do it again. We recently figured out a way to set off a small firecracker electronically with a...